Another key event for the project today. For the first time we presented the concept to groups of candidate museum-goers to get their reaction. We showed them the storyboard, script, and locations for augmentation, and talked them through the game concept. We gave them a chance to try out the smart glasses for themselves.

Since the content for the actual scenes has yet to be created, we experimented with a low-tech version of augmented reality: we printed the storyboard onto transparencies. The audience could hold these up to the relevant location to view content in-situ.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with some new and useful ideas being contributed too. We also had a couple of possible endings for the script, and the groups helped us decide which one to use.

There was a good discussion about practical issues associated with smart glasses. This informs some of the guidance materials which may be presented to visitors when trying this concept for the first time.